Illustration is how I express my point of view of the world. I find how human societies function both fascinating and extraordinarily confusing. Through my work I gain a better understanding of how different parts of our societies and cultures behave. With this knowledge I bring characters to life, paint worlds of fantasy, and share my understanding with those around me. I create in order to enlighten others of concepts that may be new to them.

My inspiration comes through a love of telling stories. Through these stories I delve into the personalities and quirks of my characters and their relationships with one another. I aspire to create characters that people can relate to, be inspired by, and fall in love with. Through my work, I want to provoke thought on the problems of our societies and the diverse lives that people lead.

I currently work as a Graphic Designer at TPI Solutions Ink and I am also the Graphic Design Intern for the Waltham Philharmonic Orchestra

Feel free to contact me at if you are interested in working together!