I love drawing food and I was so excited when Dark Matter Chocolate reached out to work with me to create their unique chocolate label illustrations.

Dark Matter Chocolate has a lot of different flavors, but some key ingredients are reoccurring stars so I wanted to create a design where the illustrations could be easily be swapped out and used for a multitude of flavors. I wanted to be able to build an ingredient library so the label artwork can be assembled quickly to meet manufacturing deadlines while also creating a consistent, branded look. 

Another bonus of using the same illustrations is that I believe we are building a visual language for the labels. When you have a spread of their delicious bars, you can know which ones have a bit of spice to them, or if something has ginger or if the bar is milk chocolate by just looking at the illustrations.

• Only the illustrations are by me. Overall packaging and type design is done by Dark Matters Chocolate themselves.


November 2021 – March 2022


Dark Matter Chocolate