With TPI Solutions Ink, I had the chance to design and illustrate three beer can labels for Lost Town Brewing. They wanted fun, bold illustrations that reflected their unique, micro brew batch. Sticking to their brand guidelines, I designed the layout for the information on the can. Then, once the layout was approved, we got to the fun part of illustrating the concepts based on the names of the beer!
We've got Barn Kat Kolsch, a German-style beer brewed with ale yeast, Goat Hill IPA, a hazy, hop forward New England Style IPA, Fog Dancer, a hazy IPA with citrus undertones, and Plough Horse, a Porter with a creamy, dark, malty flavor. Here's a fun fact for ya, the two dogs on Plough Horse are named Finn and Spencer, and they're the brew house's dogs!

• Photos from Lost Town Brewing's Instagram
• Lost Town Brewing & Brewer's Association logos were not designed by me.


Fog Dancer & Plough Horse • October – November 2020 | Barn Kat • December 2021 | Goat Hill IPA • April 2022


TPI Solutions Ink – Lost Town Brewing