YUM Vol. I is a zine exploring some of my favorite foods. I deconstruct each tasty dish by their main ingredients, then reconstruct it in the form of a comic! 

Fowl Mouthed is a fun little zine highlighting some naughty duck puns.

Fowl Lines is the ultimate guide to romance. Using these lines you can swoon your crush like no other!

We're Rooting for Ya! is a perfect pick-me-up zine for when you're feeling down! Get your daily dose of motivation from these sweet little veggies!

You're So Sweet! is another adorable pick-me-up zine for a little motivation!

Do Your Zest! is a flavor packed pick-me-up zine for a little motivation! 

My Lovely Gams is dedicated to my hairy legs. That's all there is to it!

Swanna Go Out? is a zine featuring Boston's power couple, Romeo & Juliet! Take a tour with these two lovely ladies for the best date spots in Boston!

Fantasy Fowls is a zine highlighting some rad waterfowls with swords! (And a little bit of magic!)

Each illustration was created using micron pens and the zine was designed with InDesign.

If you need to have one, check out my shop! Or if you prefer a digital version, check out my Gumroad!